Exciting & Versatile Professional Speaker Who Entertains as He Informs

A "must see" speaker for all organizations that seek a higher level of understanding within the international arena. A native of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. An entrepreneur with two decades of import/export and consulting experience who celebrates his successes and failures. A vivacious and  captivating presenter with invaluable keynotes and seminars on doing business abroad and understanding foreign cultures. A man highly involved and greatly esteemed within his community.
Introducing Mr. Eric de Groot...

Eric possesses a current and critical understanding of both the U.S. and European cultures and this unique perspective is evident in all of his presentations. As of 9/11, the global angle that Eric will deliver is all the more significant for American associations and corporations. De Groot’s expertise will help you to avoid cultural, lingual, and geographic goof-ups; saving you time, money, face, and goodwill. Furthermore, Eric, who is fluent in Dutch, German, French, and English, and a veteran of 17 marathons worldwide, will help you speed up global market penetration and corporate growth through his "Change and Shape" worldly approach. Upon conclusion of his presentations, the necessity of change toward a global minded organization to achieve further success will be clear. Eric will have you laughing and learning as he teaches you to become a Global Player with a Global Mindset.

Programs Include:
Global :
- "Going Abroad, Avoid Global Goof-Ups": How to avoid international cultural and business misunderstanding *
-"Current State of Global Affairs": A European perspective post Sept. 11, 2001

"Go the Distance": The Hole in the (Berlin) Wall

Character Portrayal:
"The Renaissance Man’s Revival":Crucial 17th-century lessons learned that apply today

Community Service Overview:
-President of the Atlanta Association of Interpreters and Translators (A.A.I.T.) (1992-1994) *
-Board Member of Keep America Beautiful (1995-1997) *
-National Speakers Association (NSA) Chairman of the Int’l Professional Experts Group (1999 – 2000) *
-NSA Georgia Executive Board (2001-2003) * Member World Trade Center





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